16H Optical Comparator with 16″/400mm Screen

Dorsey’s most popular model of optical comparator, now featuring new look.

optical comparator 16H optical comparator   new look
16H Optical Comparator

16H Optical Comparator Key Features:

  • 16” high resolution vertical glass screen for optimum viewing of the erect profile image.
  • Machined chart ring with recessed screen protects internal optics and facilitates the alignment of the screen to the optical axis.
  • Large format vernier protractor with one minute graduations.
  • Quick change single lens mount with choice of lenses: 10X, 20X, 25X, 31.25X, 50X, 62.5X, & 100X.
  • Coated telecentric par focal optics.
  • Choice of fiber optic or LED surface illumination.
  • Nickel plated cast iron workstage 18” X 5” with universal dovetail slot.
  • Stage travel is 10” x-axis and 6” y-axis and 2” focus.
  • Crossed roller bearing table travel in all axes.
  • X & Y axis 0.0005mm/.00002” linear scales have zero backlash and are mounted in the center of the stage movement for increased accuracy.
  • The optics and workstage movements are mounted on cast granite composite base.
  • Single hand quick release table allows for rapid travel and fine adjustment.
  • The y-axis drive is mounted directly under the center of gravity for better weight distribution and increased accuracy. The handles are located for operator comfort during use.
  • True par focal helix adjustment +/- 15 degrees with 5 minute vernier.

For more information please visit 16H Optical Comparator page at Dorsey Metrology website.